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In this book, photography instructor Ashley Diamond Siegert reveals best practices and insights for how to structure your workflow, prepare and execute a birth photography assignment and deliver a collection of quality images that will provide memories, healing, and emotion for every client. 

Birth Photography:

The Art and Business of Birth Photography

is a brief and easy to read photography business book detailing the process of marketing, booking and executing your most incredible labor and delivery images. 

As a photographer, you are invited to be present at the most intimate moments of your client's lives. You are trusted to capture the moments that change the landscape of a family. 

Now an Amazon Best Seller! 

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"Definitely loved that Ashley broke down the different components into an easy to read book. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in birth photography. I would also recommend her other training programs as well."

Amber Hage

"To-the-point, full of great practical tips, and easily referenced after the fact. A great primer and launching pad for aspiring birth photographers!"

Jenna Smith

"Definitely food for thought as i think about expanding my photography business. There is so much to learn and this is such a great starting point! Ashley is well knowledged and an excellent teacher in the birth photography world! She is the best of the best, and her Facebook group is something you’ll want to be a part of (she will give you all of this info at the end of the book!) Happy reading!!"

Bethany Johnson

Meet the Author

Hi! I am Ashley and I am a birth photographer in College Station, Texas. A few years ago I was invited to photograph my first birth and my entire world shifted.  Since then, I have built a business that has enabled me to retire my husband from his teaching job, do what I LOVE every day, spend tons of time with my growing family and expand my focus to help other photography business babes achieve great success. 

I invite you into a glimpse of what it could look like for you to become a birth photographer yourself, in my new AMAZON BEST SELLING book Birth Photography: The Art and Business of Labor and Delivery Photography.

I also Invite you to join our super active facebook group: The Business of Portrait and Birth Photography to ask questions, share experiences and join me for live stream business musings!

I can't wait to see what you create!


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