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Your digital presence is the core of your marketing.

Is it out there working for you while you grab a yoga class and meet a friend for coffee? (AKA: drive carpool and make dinner)

Or rather, is it constantly making you feel like everyone else has it figured out while you stare at an empty shooting calendar wondering how to actually make real money as a photographer?

I get it. I've lived it. 

So I went to work studying what is working for marketers OUTSIDE the photo industry. Then, I went to work applying those lessons to my photography business and guess what? It worked. I MULTIPLIED my business. 

But I am a teacher by nature so I want to share my discoveries to make sure you, badass business mama, can do the same. 

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Hey There!

I'm Ashley Diamond Siegert and I am a photographer, educator and media specialist in College Station, Texas.

6 years ago my photography business was just a small hobby, one I never could have dreamed would soon retire my husband to be a stay-at-home Dad, and allow me to daily use my creative energy to change people's lives. But each time I walk into a delivery room to photograph a birth, or design a first year album that brings tears to my client's eyes, I am reminded that this is the age of the badass business babe, and that we, as photographers, are actually changing the world. 

In my core, I am a teacher. I can't wait to share the things I have learned that have created this dream life for my little family. Come with me! I can't wait to see what YOU create!

For Photographers Only

I'll show you how to strategically weave together a digital presence from multiple platforms. Allow automation tools to work FOR you and not overtake you. Learn how to prepare quality content and drip it across social media with a plan.

Create ad campaigns in Google Adwords and Facebook that will bring pre-qualified eyeballs to your website, ready to take action.

Create a website that, not only shows up on the first page of google, but gets your viewers to take action, and then automate every step until your clients are ready to book.

Create social media posts that can be leveraged into ads, and reveal why you are the best choice of photographer for your dream clients.

"I went from 2-5 views on my website to 105 😆 from the fb ad in 1 day...and I got an inquiry from it. Yay:)"

Marissa HB

"Im posting to Instagram daily, and I've now had two people this week ask me about sessions because they are following it. And I was invited to speak on a photography panel at an arts festival! "

Stephanie Booth

"So total on inquires for my model call is up to 25 and I have already booked one of them. I'm so excited! I wasn't expecting that kind of result!"

Logan Fahey

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Birth Photography: The Art and Business of Labor and Delivery Photography


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