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Digital Marketing for Photographers

Think about the last time you went to a new city and wanted to find a restaurant. You whipped out your phone and asked google right? Then you scrolled through looking at pictures and reviews, and picked something that fit the flavor you were craving, that looked like it had a good atmosphere and great reviews right? You probably passed over one or two that didn't seem to fit that profile in that 10-12 second period you allowed for their digital personality to seep into your brain. 

Or maybe you were sitting at home one day, scrolling through your facebook feed and you saw an incredible photo of a bowl of pasta. Now you are hungry and all you can think about is rigatoni. 

These are 2 experiences very similar to what happens with photography marketing. Either a client has decided to find a photographer and goes looking, or they are interrupted in a stream of posts by something that catches their attention. You have to be present in both and your marketing has to have purpose.

SO, does this sound like you?

You:  Photographer looking to find those elusive people in your market who are willing to pay real money for quality photos.

You: Frustrated that every other photographer on Facebook seems to be finding those clients and you feel like they don't exist, or they are hiding from you.

You: Feel that the internet is against you and that Facebook ads and SEO are a waste of time because they haven't worked for you.

You: Not showing up on google when someone types in {Your town, Photographer}

You: "Funnel? What's a funnel?"

You: "Crap, I forgot to email her back..."


So what did I do to climb out of it? Well, to be totally honest, I did a LOT of research, I spent lots of money on mentors and boot camps and Facebook ads managers and I looked to the digital marketing world (OUTSIDE of photography) to see what people are actually having success with and I developed a system.

And you know what? It worked. 

I launched my plan and now I have more photography clients than I can honestly handle. Real clients who want to spend real money on real wall portraits and albums and prints. 

Im in the top 2 of almost every keyword search in my market that I want. (the ones that potential clients are searching)

I have automated their web experience and I never miss an inquiry. 

I use a combination of facebook ads, emails, and instagram to gain new leads into my finely tuned funneled website.

I OUTSOURCE the stuff I don't want to do so I can spend more time on marketing and less time in photoshop. (Hint: The money is in the marketing)

So how do I do it?

Im laying it all out in my new digital marketing course. 

I am producing a video series that aggregates ALLLLLLL the information I have tirelessly taken in, and Im giving you only the bits that are relevant to YOU, the local photography business looking for a specific type of client.

Most online marketing courses are generalized for all types of businesses: Local, online, national, restaurants, e-commerce, the works.

You don't need all of that, because you aren't those kinds of businesses. You need strategies to capture the Mom living in YOUR town who values photography, and bring them in your door and through a finely tuned process to walk away and leave you a 5 star review (and lots of money.) 

But that takes strategic marketing. They have to want to stick with it through the process. 

THAT is what I am going to show you.

This course will include:

1. What is a funnel?

2. Nailing down who you are, what you are selling and what problem it solves. (You know, your entire marketing message)

3. Who are you selling to? Who is your perfect client?

4. The sum of your digital presence across platforms and what it says to your market.

5. Your website: How to build a website that works for you as an employee

6. SEO: How to get that website seen on Google

7. Instagram basics: get a local base of followers

8. Facebook Ads: How to demystify the puzzle and use the MOST powerful tool for small business right now 

9. Email list: How your email list is the golden goose of your marketing and how to use it for generating leads and to make your facebook ads even more powerful.

10. My marketing calendar with daily tasks to make keeping up with your digital marketing much less stressful.

11. THE ULTIMATE MARKETING AND BUSINESS TRACKER FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS- It is seriously such a beautiful piece of functional art. 


Grab this beauty now before the price goes up!




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