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Digital Marketing for Photographers

Are you ready to turn on your marketing machine, designed specifically for a local, boutique photography business?

Don't try to reinvent the wheel and spend hundreds of hours trying to figure it out. Let me bridge the gap for you between digital marketer and photographer!

What's in the course?!

1. Funnels!

*Funnel Theory

*Search vs scroll capture

*Core messaging 

*Email marketing

2. Google is the mother ship!

*Google my business



3. Website and SEO

*Tour of my website

*Lead/Website Interaction

*Automating inquiry emails

*Blog for SEO

*Landing pages

4. CPC ads

*Facebook ads

*Google AdWords Express

*Ad Espresso

5. Building assets like graphics and content for posts

6. Building a local Instagram base

7. Tracking and analyzing spreadsheet system

8. Posting calendar for 1 year


The full funnel- how I got 50 emails into my list in 24hours



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