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Uncategorized May 22, 2018
Camera Bag: 
Think Tank Airport Roller Derby:

Camera Bodies:
 Nikon D800:
 Nikon D610:

Sigma 35 Art for NIKON:
Nikon 70-200:
Sigma 105 Macro:

High Speed Memory Cards:
Lexar 1000x Professional:


So, I try not to use artificial light in a birth. The family is dealing with a lot of sensory overload and flash is not ideal. However sometimes, I don't have a choice, and I need to be prepared.

I always keep a speed light in my bag just in case, such as the Nikon SB700 and I also carry a Wescott Icelight  It is a clean constant light, sleek and easy to carry, and everyone thinks its cool when you whip out a "light saber."

Wescott IceLight:

Hands Free
One item that I can not live without in a birth is my Spyder Holster. I am obsessed with it. If you shoot weddings, you may already be familiar with this. It keeps the weight of the gear on my hips instead of my arms and shoulders which saves me thousands in chiropractic care. It also allows me to clip 2 cameras in and out of my hands without missing anything. I love it.
Spyder Holster:

When you are shooting a live event that can not be recreated, it is so important that you are shooting on a memory card with very high writing speed. I like to use the Lexar 1000x Professional SD cards. I have never had one freeze up on me in the middle of a shoot.

Link: Lexar 1000x SD:

PLEASE, if you take nothing else from my advice from this whole course, take this advice. Get a professionally drawn up contract. It is not worth it to go without. If you are not yet familiar with Rachael Brenke with The Law Tog, she is the leading contract writer in the industry and her Birth Photography Contract bundle is amazing. It has her: 
  • Birth Contract
  • Birth-Specific Model Release
  • Print Release
  • Back up birth photographer
  • Permission to Sell to a Third Party

If nothing else, at least grab her $199 birth contract: 


The Law Tog Birth Photography Contract Bundle:

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