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If you have been following me for a while, you know that in my pursuit to teach birth photography, I actually spend more time teaching business and mindfulness as it relates to business, than anything else.

The reality is, the business side, and the time and effort you put into structuring your business and the WAY YOU THINK ABOUT your business is the basis for EVERYTHING else, and if you don't have that puzzle piece in place, you can't do the fun artsy stuff with any level of sustainability.

So, since it's January, and we are all on the self improvement train, I want to share with you my favorite business mindfulness books that have been making a difference for me this year. (Yes, I know its only the 11th, but I read a lot. :)

#1: If you read nothing else this year, PLEASE read Tapping Into Wealth by Margaret Lynch.
Many of you won't be into EFT tapping, or maybe just have never heard of it before, but it is a powerful tool and the strategies she teaches in this book about how to...

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Become A Banana


By: Ashley Diamond Siegert, CPP, Cr.Photog

Are you a newborn photographer struggling to become profitable?

You feel like you are working ALL the time and your bank account doesn’t reflect it. I get it. I have been there.

When you talk to the most successful photographers about this, they will all tell you some similar strategies to improve your profitability.

They will tell you to stop giving away digital files and start selling prints and products in person.

They will tell you to raise your prices to reflect your costs, plus your time, plus your talent. (Plus Taxes!!)

They will tell you to invest in education to become better at your craft so that you can personally feel good about what you are charging.


And guess what? They are right. They are right about all of it. These strategies are all super important if you actually want to make a living as a photographer.

However, there is one more major challenge that you keep running into right? You need to know...

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