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Instagram Changed Rules on Birth Photography. What does that mean for you, the photographer?

Disclaimer: Before I even start this post, I want to be very clear. Your business belongs to you and only you can choose what is right for your marketing. I can't make that choice for you, but I CAN help by presenting some food for thought. 

You may have noticed all of a sudden that your Instagram feed has a few more...well, lets be adults...vaginas...than it used to. 

The reason is, Instagram recently made the decision to stop censoring birth images. 

What happened next was equivalent to opened flood gates. If you follow many birth photographers, it was almost as if they collectively ran to their external hard drives yelling "Freedom!!!!" like William Wallace in Braveheart. All of the crowning and birth moment shots hit the insta-sphere in a matter of a week. 

The goal behind the change: normalize birth. Put birth images into our every day lives and educate the public that birth does not have to be scary. It is beautiful, it is natural and it is powerful....

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