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The Unplugged Birth

The Unplugged Birth
Ashley Diamond Siegert

By now, we have all heard about the term “unplugged wedding.”

“Put your phones away and be present. We hired a photographer for that!”

Brides and photographers alike have shouted it from the rooftops for the last 5 years since smartphones completely took over our lives and very few of us can take the time to be present and mindful in the moment for any large life event. I mean, we have to post! “Pics or it didn’t happen,” right??

Lets be honest, think forward to when you are lying in your hospital bed an hour after giving birth, how much would you love to tell your mother-in-law to, “Put your phone away.” Because YOU KNOW…she is going to post it without running it by you first. (Drive-by posting anyone?!)

Putting your phones away does not mean you can’t have pictures of your baby’s first day. The new trend of professional birth photography is taking the responsibility off the shoulders of the birthing partner and the family, and allowing them to enjoy the day!

Lets take the phone out of Dad’s hand and replace it with a nice tennis ball to rub your back with, shall we?

I know what you are thinking. “Ew, I will be all sweaty and gross, and I will be pushing a human out of my body, why would I want to hire a photographer for that?!”

Don’t worry. Birth Photography is not Medical Photography. When you hire a BP, the goal is to capture emotion and storytelling. The first breath, the look on your faces the moment you lay eyes on the new creature you are falling madly in love with, the first bath, measurements, footprints, they are there to get all the cute stuff.

And while, true, you may not be your most “camera ready,” you will be at your most powerful, accomplishing something extraordinary. Trust me, there will many days where you will feel as though you can’t accomplish a thing. Looking back at images of yourself creating life will restore some confidence.

The yoga and spa industries have seen a record increase in sales in these last five smartphone obsessed years. Why? Because deep down, we know we need to put the screen away and be present. What better time to enjoy and focus than the birth of your child?

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